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ecila-sofa managements lp (vynilla vinyl/icarus)

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ecila: sofa managements

the debut album from belgium's sveta shljachova combines twinkling abstract electronica with miasmah-like bleakness. ltd to 200 copies only on clear vinyl w/ download code.

read more: riginating from Belarus, Ecila (Sveta Shljachova) has been residing for many years in Belgium. Involved for the last 15 year in different musical projects with life-long partner Nikita Chudjakov, they founded the breakcore-oriented STREFF and Elements Of Sci-Fi, amongst others. 2012 saw the release of Stories, under her alias Alice In Kosmoland. Ecila now presents her debut album The Sofa Managements. The album includes crackling electronica as a vast ambient atmosphere. Ecila took an angelic quote by Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides to summarize the album's inspiration: "...This leads Aristotle in turn to the demonstrated fact that God, glory and majesty to Him, does not do things by direct contact. God burns things by means of fire; fire is moved by the motion of the sphere; the sphere is moved by means of a disembodied intellect, these intellects being the 'angels which are near to Him,' through whose mediation the spheres [planets] move... thus totally disembodied minds exist which emanate from God and are the intermediaries between God and all the bodies [objects] here in this world." --Guide for the Perplexed II:4. The Sofa Managements is produced by Sveta Shlachova (Ecila) and mastered by Nikita Chudjakov.

Ecila-The Sofa Managements LP, Live at Icarus Night, Gent (24/5/13) from Icarus Records

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