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arbiter-gothiscandza 12 (vent)

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arbiter: gothiscandza

vent is a newly formed Berlin based vinyl only label, built upon the love of raw and unpretentious techno. With a widespread group of artists under its wings, VENT is taking the same thoughts from different people in different parts of the world and thus gathering the cognates of a contemporary techno vision. The first release is from Arbiter, which is a new moniker from Ingemar Stalholm. Arbiter sets out to catch the mood of long northern nights and the smile of underground party revelers, by combining his curiously personal sense of harmony with clockwork percussion and a moderate touch of grit and distortion. Gothiscandza is the name of what old Roman explorers theorised was the northern city from which the yeats was stemming from, thus the heart of Scandinavia. Arbiter's EP is the journey to there. Night Transporter is an aerodynamic toolesque thing, painting a picture of dust and graffiti lined city streets. Over a relentless rattling beat a flickering reel projects traces of afterglow. The track is gritty like an industrial district, but full of hidden pockets that people can find freedom and sanctuary in. Drown is inebriated and frank, with darkness around the edges of vision. It's a rude poetry, laden with crude percussion, unhaltingly and with an overwhelming melody. It helps you shrink your world in that pleasant way a dancefloor does. Nomad is an ode to unceasing movement and inner chest momentum. A massive kick drum thunders forward while a caustic acid line spins like a compass needle next to a magnet. Nomad is the largest track in the pack, another techno beast bred in the forests of the North. Finishing track Gigsponk is performed behind heavy eyelids with acid trace remnants and flashbacks of self-confidence. Sultry bass and eager drums make for a rhythmic climax in this peculiar world view. A pagan kiss of parting, but at the same time a promise of new encounters.

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