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ascension-broadcast 2cd (shock)

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ascension: broadcast

Originally released on Shock in 1996. The highpoint of the early Shock catalog and the last release for 17 fucking years. CD1: "As Above" (36:44) CD2: "So Below" (46:37), a feedback extravaganza of pretty much unparalleled proportions. Recorded in Jan '96 through a 16-track desk, providing some mind-blowing clarity in the percussion dept, as a live transmission to KFJC in the Bay Area. "... It is difficult to see how much better they could get. This, though, is definitely their peak, their Trout Mask Replica... The guitar excess is ecstatic. One of the few cases where naming yourself after a Coltrane album is not mere hubris. Awe-inspiring." --Ben Watson (Hi-Fi News, Jan '97)

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