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author-forward forever cd (black box)

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author: forward forever

First introduced to the world via their self-titled 2011 debut, Author return with their follow-up, Forward Forever. A collaboration between friends and fellow Leeds-residents Ruckspin and J. Sparrow, Author is an outlet for the two producers to explore deeper, more soulful paths than the tougher approaches for which their solo careers are known. First finding a home on Pinch's Tectonic imprint in 2011, Author have since spent time developing their sound to incorporate a more natural-feeling, organic vibe on Forward Forever. Featuring guest vocalists ranging from UK hip-hop heavyweights Jehst and Stig Of The Dump to reggae stars Rider Shafique and Dan Man, the record arguably offers a more complete listening experience than the debut, presenting material that is ostensibly dubstep but in a format that should appeal to a broader audience through hints of Cinematic Orchestra and Bonobo. This approachability translates to their highly-polished live PA, which they've previously toured extensively across the UK and Europe -- including headline sets at the Outlook and Dimensions festivals, with which the pair are closely associated. As individual producers, both possess impressive pedigree -- Ruckspin serving as the producer and engineer for the acclaimed Submotion Orchestra live band, while J. Sparrow released his solo debut LP on Tectonic in 2010 and has recently added a 12" on Mala's Deep Medi Muzik to his increasingly strong back catalog.

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