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kode9-rinse 22 cd (rinse)

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kode9: rinse 22

if you have a genre that's pretty much creatively bankrupt you need to grab somebody still relevant and put that person behind the decks for a mix. thankfully rinse followed suit and kode9 delivered a 37 track ripper that can make even us jaded bass folk smiling again.

rinse: 22 marks the beginning of a new era for Rinse FM's iconic mix CD series. Where previous installments have featured only DJs who regularly play on the station at the time of release, the mix series now casts its net wider. Future installments will also feature DJs who are respected pioneers of the sounds that Rinse FM plays and represents, and Kode9 -- founder of the iconic Hyperdub label, and with his long personal involvement with Rinse FM -- is an ideal figure with which to make that transition. The mix is a vibrant snapshot of the DJing approach he's been developing recently, drawing from an ever-broader range of styles. It opens with bounding, sub-heavy house and funky, before tracing an almost subliminal increase in tempo through trap-inspired hip-hop instrumentals and footwork. The mix is a thrilling and visceral exploration of rhythm and texture, where eddies of percussion and rogue rips of sub-bass swirl around and into one another, keeping the mix in continual, anxious motion. Grimey strings and gloopy synth melodies from DVA and Champion curl around Jam City's juddering rhythms and the soured bass-blasts of Joy O's anthemic "BRTHTT." Later, RP Boo's sinister "Steamidity" sharply cuts across into angular footwork territory for a final frenetic half-hour of rhythmic free-for-all, where DJ Rashad is a key presence, his tracks dicing soul samples into expressive new configurations. Three brand-new Kode9 tracks appear on Rinse: 22 -- of which "Uh" is set to be released as an accompanying single, backed with a brand-new exclusive track. Artists include: Burial, Theo Parrish, Morgan Zarate (feat. Roses Gabor), Titonton, Alex Parkinson & Chris Lorenzo, Funkystepz, Terror Danjah & Champion, Kuedo, Visionist, Dexplicit, Faze Miyake, The Bug (feat. Flow Dan), Cashmere Cat, Rustie, S-Type, DJ Manny, Uncon Sci, Bleep Bloop, DJ Earl, Sam Binga & Addison Groove, DJ Spinn, Freshmoon, DJ Manny, and Phil.

Kode9 Rinse:22 - Visionist - Something Old Something New

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