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plastician-dubstep allstars vol 10 cd (tempa)

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plastician: dubstep allstars vol 10

Given that Tempa have now reached the landmark tenth edition in their scene-defining Dubstep Allstars series, it makes perfect sense that they've invited Plastician, one of the genre's pioneers, to contribute. Near the start of last decade Plastician, alongside the likes of Skream, Benga, and Artwork, was among the small group of producers twisting garage into dark and skeletal shapes, creating what would eventually be called dubstep. So it makes sense that, in keeping with his own past, Plastician's Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10 flirts with the rawer and rougher sides of dubstep: synths roar like police sirens, sub-bass scorches everything it touches, and percussion is taut and driven by flurries of conga hits. MCs -- Doctor, Merky Ace, Newham Generals' Footsie -- lend a languid flow to wrenching beats by J:Kenzo and Cato, drawing connections to Plastician's equally strong roots in grime. But there's a defined narrative arc to Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10, too, in the way it blossoms from a brisk and percussive opening section into a roaring and ravey middle, before gradually drifting away into a meditative and melody-soaked final third. It all draws together into a mix that's equal parts dread, aggression and immersion. Other artists include: Nomine, Jaydrop, Vicious Circle, FNC, Commodo, LAXX & Walsh, Kumarachi, Megalodon & Badklaat, Mutated Mindz, Stinkahbell, Dream and Korea.

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