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axis: sova-early surf lp (god?)

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axis: sova: early surf

All kinda tones exist on "Early Surf", but spontaneity, 1st takes: those are the coveted sonics. Obvious. Capturing waves inappropriately, building on warped & melted foundations, Axis: Sova erected a transmitter to draw in the deep space we're all so ready for. And even though the sounds are thick with damp skin basement murk & with vaseline rubbed sexy on the lens; even though the lyrics are unbalanced, damaged-receptor type musings, barked/crooned in mangled, cross-talking voices you can't really hear, the wildness & beat, the drive & energy, the licking & strutting stuttering of guitar rock-n-roll that so inspired young Sova is out in full effect, riptiding from shore to shining shore.

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