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barker & baumecker-love hertz/cipher 12 (ostgut ton)

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barker & baumecker: love hertz/cipher

Barker & Baumecker present the two track 12" Love Hertz/Cipher. "Love Hertz" is a blissful, uplifting, melodic and - at times - bluesy UK bass-inspired cut, shuffling and playfully flicking throughout. The record's alternate lead track "Cipher" is a rework of a two-part track. The track's atmospheric build-up eventually turns in favor of a heavy, dark kick drum and multi-layered percussion, feeling at times as if the duo's hammering onto Berghain's steel staircase. Barker & Baumecker are sound fetishists, carefully and scrupulously sculpting their clang on analog synth machinery, all without turning to cacophony and always staying compositionally sound.

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