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barker & baumecker-remixes 12 (ostgut ton)

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barker & baumecker: remixes

Sam Barker & Andreas Baumecker present reworkings of four tracks from their Transsektoral  album in new, exciting flavors. Machinedrum's house version of "No Body" is half-tool, half-anthem and Kobosil's techno workout of "Silo" impresses with its punishing drive, subtle, hypnotic synth sounds, escalating hi-hats and crystal-clear production. Blawan takes "Crows" to the nether regions of tough, full-blown industrial darkness while Third Side (comprised of Lucretio, Marieu and Steffi) lend pumping, grooving beats and basses somewhere beyond house and techno.

Barker & Baumecker | Remixes | o-ton 62 by Ostgut Ton

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