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basic channel-s/t cd (basic channel)

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Rather abstract and ambient tracks like the classic 'Quadrant Dub I' or 'Lyot Remix' are on the track list. From today's perspective, in this open sound much of the later Rhythm & Sound imprint (as released on Rhythm & Sound: s/t) with its echo-heavy atmospheric density was already layed out here." Basic Channel is the mysterious Detroit/Berlin axis minimal techno label, most closely associated with the producer known as Maurizio. They've released a classic series of 12" records, and this CD compilation of material from those 12"s. The "artist" names on the various 12"s are obscure (Cyrus, Phylyps, q1.1, Quadrant, Octagon, Radiance, etc.), and an absolute minimal amount of information about the contents of these records is offered. Stylistically, Basic Channel creates their their own sub-genre of Detroit techno; slowly developing pulsations and abstractions with a heavy emphasis on post-dub processed crackles, blips & hiss -- extremely minimal, extremely gorgeous & some of the finest and most invigorating horizontal listening out there.

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