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rhythm & sound-s/t cd (rhythm & sound)

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Berlin's Basic Channel Crew has been most influential in the field of minimal Techno-Soundscapes. With the sub-labels Maurizio, Main Street Records, Burial Mix and Rhythm & Sound Mark Ernestus und Moritz Von Oswald created platforms for different aspects of their own productions, and with Chain Reaction for productions from their musical environment. The present CD contains most of the material released on the Rhythm & Sound label -- only on vinyl 12"/10" so far -- since it's launch in 1998. The material is remastered and partially edited for CD format, to create a continuous flow through the wide spectrum ranging from minimal, abstract electronics to driving uptempo grooves with a stronger influence of classic Jamaican dub elements in the best Basic Channel tradition, including highlights like 'Smile', the only vocal track (featuring Savage), 'Mango Drive' a re-shape of the Chosen Brothers' 1979 unreleased Reggae tune 'Mango Walk', or 'No Partial', inspired by the essential, though never generally released 'Higher Fieldmarshall Dub' by the Wailers Band. Packaged in a stunning 'nature' digipack again."

Track Listing: 01. No Partial 02. Trace 03. Mango Drive 04. Distance 05. Smile (w/ Savage) 06. Outward 07. Roll Off 08. Carrier 09. Range 10. Imprint

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