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bepotel-kikkerkelik 12 (vlek)

Price: $14.99


bepotel: kikkerkelik

A three-armed entity consisting of Sagat, &Apos, and Walrus, Bepotel build sonic landscapes. They have previous releases for Meakusma, Lamadameaveclechien, and for their own eponymous imprint. Kikkerkelik marks the trio's first release for Vlek. From the driving techno chaos of the title-track, through the swirling synthetic groves of "Kaketu" and the Detroit-echoes of "Swth Central," these are analog stories of dim underpasses and the faded miasma of industrialized skylines. Psychedelic, evocative, and consistently effective, these four cuts linger long after listeners emerge from the cracked "Wormhole" that rounds off proceedings. Housed in a hand-crafted, letter pressed sleeve and limited to 500 copies.

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