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blush response/years of denial & alexey volkov-albedo edition 12 (khemia)

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blush response/years of denial & alexey volkov: albedo edition

The second edition of the Magnum Opus Series on Khemia Records, titled Albedo Edition, features a new production from Berlin based modular powerhouse Blush Response alongside an electrifying collaboration between Years Of Denial and Russian techno auteur Alexey Volkov. On the Solar Side, Blush Response delivers "You Will Cry Out In Grief" where a maelstrom of industrial electronics seethes under a barrage of complex rhythms. On the Lunar Side, Years of Denial meet Alexey Volkov offer "Confess". Barkosina Hanusova's voice ricochets against caustic snares as she intones a fetishistic ritual of contorted flesh and altered states.

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