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boof-the hydrangeas whisper 2lp (running back)

Price: $23.99


boof: the hydrangeas whisper

The Hydrangeas Whisper is Maurice Fulton's first Boof material since 2011's Shhh, Dandelions At Play, an album that was swiftly re-issued on CD by Running Back, as presumably Gerd Janson wanted to save it from obscurity. Like previous excursions under the long-running pseudonym (Fulton first used it way back in 1999), The Hydrangeas Whisper presents the more flowery, melodious and, on occasion, smoother side of the producer's work; warm, often organic deep house littered with live instrumentation, drenched in dub delay and touched by his usual rich, dancefloor-friendly disco influences. There are many reasons to love Maurice Fulton, not least the majestic, off-kilter nature of his finest musical moments, but his pig-headed desire to stick two fingers up at the music industry machine is arguably not one of them.

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