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boris brenecki-nyt02 12 (new york trax)

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boris brenecki: nyt02

New York Trax 02 was written by Boris Brenecki (Ontal, Impulse Controls), who has recently relocated to New York, starting a new chapter in his life and artistic career. This record is the very first material he produced in New York, heavily inspired by the city and its people. ‘The Oven’, with its continuous filthy groove intensified by metallic percussions, is a serious candidate for an instant classic and a deadly weapon when used on a dancefloor. The grittiness of “The Oven” was depicted through images of the less beaten paths of New York in a well-received official video published recently by the label. Dark yet insanely dynamic “Transit System”, based on field recordings of the New York City subway, opens with a bang the B side of the record, followed by “Strictly Hardcore”, a sonic manifesto of brutality. 

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