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bull tongue review-#5 mag

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bull tongue review: #5

A Quarterly Journal of Post-Rock Cultural Pluralism, edited by Byron Coley. Issue no. 5 In this issue: Ira Kaplan: SFO Super Shuttle VS Hollywood Town Car; Byron Coley & Thurston Moore: Bull Tongue column; Rej T Broth: A Field in England; Michael Hurley: The Accountant; Chris D: Alain & Romy; Alan Bishop: Another Victory for the World's Greatest Game; Leah Singer: Louis Armstrong House; Tom Givan: Best Sellers; Marie Frankland: Big Berghain; Scott Foust: The Big Bluff; Tara Young: David Bowie live at Fort Apache; Tosh Berman: David Bowie & Scott Walker Punched; Mats Gustafsson: Polly Bradfield Solo Violin Improvisations; Matt Krefting: Call Me Lucky; Todd Abramson: Candlewood Suites, Jersey City; Kendra Smith: Chirgilchi Collectible; Ariella Stok: Ornette Coleman's Funeral; Trevor Block: Compilation Albums; Samara Lubelski: Keith Connolly interview; Bruce Russel: Guy DeBord Panegyric; Barbara Manning-Vargas: Die Art Fuer Immer und Ewig; Brigid Pearson: DOOB3D; Sharon Cheslow: Dust on the Nettles; Tesco Vee: Fanzines, Bomdage, Death Threats & the FBI; Suzy Rust: Five-and-a-half Tragic Cleaning Ladies; Ray Farrell: John Fogerty; Beans McCuttone: Romain Gary The Talent Scout; Jessi Leigh Swenson: Get in the Car, You Herbs; Naomi Yang: Girls About Town; Richard Meltzer: Greater and Grander; Brian Turner: Alexander Haacke interview; Chris Stigliano: Hawkwind live Birmingham; Bree: Hermitage; Andrea Feldman: Ilitch & Ruth; Phil McMullen: In Gowan Ring The Serpent & the Dove; Dylan Nyoukis: Joe Jones Solar Music at Sierksdore; Todd Abramson: Two Paragraphs about Bob Lawton; Charles Plymell: Mirian Linna Down Today; Tony Rettman: Ross Lomas City Baby; John Sinclair: Steve Mackay; Bree: Medicaid; Joe Carducci: Alexander Medvedkin and Chris Marker; Ashley Meeks: Melancholia; Irene Dogmatic: Claire Messud The Last Life; Hisham Mayet: Musical Genres Researched in 2015; Michael Layne Heath: Night Final: a Short Story; Nick Mitchell: No Form; Georganne Deen: Lewis Nordan Wolf Whistle; Lili Dwight: November Sundays; Christina Carter: Novitate Phenom; Alex Behr: Observations on a Miscarriage; Emma Young: On Side A; Gregg Turner: Open Mike; Tom Greenwood: Open Space Preserve; Tom Lax: Pass the Ronco I Think I'm Popeil; Suzy Rust: Rags October 1970; Tom Lax: Regurgitations of a Ruminant; David Greenbereger: The Rise to Power of the Letter U; Eddie Flowers, Pamela Beach-Plymell, Georganne Deen & Ira Kaplan: Rock-a-Rama short format reviews; Orchid Spangiafora: Rocket from the Tombs live at Johnny Brenda's; Andy Schwartz: Otis Rush & Albert King; John Sinclair: Rollins/Monk More Than You Know; Emily Hubley: Room; Karen Consytance: Selbe Gehort Musik; Rej T Broth: Nina Simone at Montreux; Owen Maercks: Some Notes on the Guitar; Donna Lethal: Spell M-A-N; Joanne Robertson: Lucy Stein interview; Erika Elizabeth: The Suburban Homes; Sharon Cheslow: Eva Svankmajerova; Maria Kozic: Svengoolie; Marc Masters: Carter Thornton Mapping the Ghost; Hisham Mayet: Trinidad; Gerard Cosloy: Wendy's SF; Lisa Marie Jarlborn: What Do Women Want; Angela Jaeger: What's Your Sign?; Nigel Cross: Wilde Flowers; Bree: Writing Books of Poetry.

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