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burnt envelope-alien nation: collected singles thus far lp (feeding tube)

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burnt envelope: alien nation collected singles thus far

"Vinylization of the first cassette released by Tony Pasquarosa's incredible scuzz-punk project Burnt Envelope. Tony is well known for his multifarious guises (Crystalline Roses, World Domination, Gluebag, etc.) and membership of Frozen Corn, Aerosols, and whatever else might have happened this past week. Alien Nation documents the first imaginary seven singles by the 'band,' ranging from garage-spew in the proto-punk vein to brutalist groin thunder. Version Sound's Bob Moore has compared Burnt Envelope to Electric Eels at their snarliest. Regardless of labels, the music here is a brilliant mock-trio throb that ranges from neolithic suburban psych pulse of a Lazy Smoke cover right on through to blabbermouth pre-core lockjaw. Burnt Envelope's LP is a significant addition to Tony's discography, a discography that may well prove to be one of the most important blurts of New England's sub underground" --Byron Coley, 2016. ltd 300.

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