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burnt friedman & jaki liebezeit-secret rhythms 5 cd (nonplace)

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burnt friedman & jaki liebezeit: secret rhythms 5

This the fifth release in Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit's Secret Rhythms series. Central to the Secret Rhythms concept is Liebezeit's radical drum code in unison with Friedman's range of archaic metal percussion and synth instruments. The two musicians live and studio collaboration has led to eight striking new tracks which, at durations between 3 and 5 minutes, conform to standard expectations in length at least. Jaki Liebezeit numbers among the world's foremost drummers. Between 1968 and 1978, playing as a founding member of the legendary Can, he produced rhythms to be heard nowhere else, anticipating by many years the loops of modern club music. His delicate and peerlessly precise drum sound is audible in countless studio productions by a range of artists from Conny Plank to Jah Wobble. But by the early 1990s Liebezeit felt he had exhausted the possibilities of conventional drums. He made a radical break, and began to re-define, or re-invent, what drumming was about. Simplicity became a core principle for Liebezeit and collaborators like the Cologne formation Drums Off Chaos, or the electronic musician Burnt Friedman, who is noted for his richly detailed, groove-heavy productions. Friedman explains his reasons for seeking to meet up with Liebezeit in 2000 apart from the happy coincidence that both artists were living in Cologne: "I knew his work with Can and loved his drum sound and the post-Can developments. Above all I was interested in complex rhythmic grooves and assumed Jaki would be the ideal partner for live sets. This passion for odd time signatures and the uncommon is a driving force behind the Secret Rhythms project." Includes a remix by Romain Sygroves and Friedman.

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