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carla dal forno-fast moving cars 7 (blackest ever black)

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carla dal forno: fast moving cars

Fast Moving Cars is the debut solo single from Carla dal Forno (F ingers, Tarcar). Poignant, alluring, happy/sad art-pop?Both a song of devotion and a dream of leaving. Languid, dub-wise, but with a heartbreaking clarity and economy of expression. The arrangement is stark, if not austere: rooted bassline, dry snare, noirish synth-drift and whispers of reverb conspire to open space rather than fill it. It's perfect for Carla's voice, a floating understated alto. "Don't be so daft, do something exciting? ". The lyrics are frank; fluent in the feelings that underpin the beginning, middle and end of a relationship.

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