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chaos destroy-lightning strikes twice lp (olde english spelling bee)

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chaos destroy: lightning strikes twice

just watch the video or you can read what john olson has to say: "Taking cues from the wordless death-grind proto-metal of the first Obituary LP, Chaos Destroy somehow takes the fear-soaked brain of that tiny dude from the o.g. The Fly (two micro-seconds before he gets his web-trapped body eaten by the world most gruesome spider ever) and power-channel it thru the most horribly unmusical-rotten guitar speaker cones since the creation of music. Speaking of music: inside this LP there is none. It's not just mere dribbling noise; its like a one dimensional terra-plane of cultural war of warbly Anime-frightmares clashing in a baby dumping dumpster in a Baltimore/DC area alleyway during a wretched static storm while the co-criminal on watch nods off on the job whilst Ipod'in The Swankys. On a Tuesday morning. In the Spring. I've seen pictures of this band: but someone pulled a horrid prank and replaced the bullet-belts and street punx ice grills with shorts, muffin tops and smiles. Huh? Confusion chaos is the fighting spirit: The LP begins with some semblance of structure and riffs but like a magician armed with 10,000,000 daisy-chained death metal pedals instead of card tricks: the cunning seems to come on too quick to warrant a double-featured extended stay, unless the members want to 'Fuck More.'"

CHAOS DESTROY.................................... "LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE"..................... ALBUM PREVIEW from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE

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