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charles cohen-music for dance & theater 2lp (morphine)

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charles cohen: music for dance & theater

Final part in the Charles Cohen trilogy on Morphine Records. Featuring various works made for dance and theater productions between 1976 and 1988. Eleven tracks in total -- lovingly spread over a double LP and featuring some of the most beautiful material of the series. While in the process of recording and optimizing the old reel tapes for the initial track list, Cohen discovered a master tape that was originally prepared for an extremely limited cassette release on the Generations Unlimited imprint in NYC. This collection, preserved in the original order of its initial release, contains some of Cohen's collaborations and performances in theater pieces and art installations by Jeff Cain, Tonio Guerra, Group Motion, and more. A 2LP document, Music for Dance and Theater shows Cohen's extremely sensitive and creative integration of sound into these theatrical performances and visual art installations. Issued in three parts, this vinyl series will culminate in a full CD release.

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