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clockwork-b.o.a.t.s. cd (life & death)

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clockwork: b.o.a.t.s.

Italian duo Clockwork release their first full-length album on the highly-acclaimed label, Life And Death. B.O.A.T.S. (Based on a True Story) is an album that surpasses their already quality releases while accomplishing the rare task of actually telling a story as you ride through it from beginning to end. With a maturing production style and an ever-eclectic taste, Clockwork have done some serious work and made a techno album with both a modern sound and an old soul. Featuring some guest appearances by friends and label-mates Chasing Kurt, Avatism, Clarian North and Tale Of Us, as well as a some top quality mixing work by Francis Harris and beautiful album artwork by artist David Terranova, this album is an impressive debut that certainly lives up to the high standards Life And Death has set for itself from its very beginnings. Tracks such as "Places" are filled with shuffled breakbeats and emotional synths, others are more textured soundscapes energized by drums. There are tracks that set the urban jungle is its landscape where the dancefloor dominates. Other tracks such as "False Matters" launch us even higher into the techno stratosphere, with nods to Detroit and Underground Resistance, but never losing the unique sonic footprint that Clockwork have created throughout the voyage. This is a varied and unique record, filled with solid grooves and raw energy that strikes a deep emotional chord.

Places by Clockwork c/w

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