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cloudface-s/t lp (black opal)

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cloudface: s/t

Black Opal is proud to release this second installment in their vinyl imprint of Opal Tapes. Glowing analog constructions from Vancouver's David Reynolds aka Cloudface. Slo-mo acid bumps and rolling hardware percussion breathe warmth into the Black Opal camp. Untitled sees Mr. Face working his studio into a soft boil with time given to his more ambient pursuits, making perfect space for the 6AM sun-stretch. Opener "Coffee" weaves improvised lines into an undulous structure, teetering between sofa-reclined and dance-ready. "Let Gone" pushes a paranoid pulse forward into sci-fi territory where all sharp corners are blunted into nubs. "Reduction" squeezes into a 4-minute burst of stereo pomp, chunky toms riffing over a skwee-ish palette. Closing track "U & Me" opens its valves and hums, a synth-driven ambient-jam as crystalline as it is velvet. Soft descent from the cloud. The sleeve and insert are hand screen printed by John Powell-Jones on acid-free 320 gsm card and hand-packaged at Opal House. Each record ships with a printed download code for digital files in lossy or lossless formats.

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