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cloudland canyon-aureliua lp (great pop supplement)

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cloudland canyon: aureliua

Cloudland Canyon debut in the UK with a killer 3 trk 12" EP "Aureliua" for The Great Pop Supplement; following acclaimed previous releases for Holy Mountain, Kranky and Not Not Fun. The epic 13 minute ebb and flow / build and pulse of the title track "Aureliua" is incredible. Like some Drone-Dream collision, where it's intense peak recalls perhaps the mighty "Suicide" by Spacemen 3, yet channelled further towards the cosmos! So it comes as no surprise that mastering duties (across the whole EP) were performed by Sonic Boom; who also adds bass swells to B side opener "Closer" which starts like some outtake from later Sky era Cluster only to re-invent itself later in as the meatiest of beats kicks in. A fabulous record that is pressed in an edition of 500 copies, all on 'Sea Foam Green' vinyl no less...

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