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coarses-waitress forever cs (hollow eyes)

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coarses: waitress forever

Comprised of 3 pulsating emissions and 1 ambient piece for good measure, "Waitress Forever" finds Coarses in top form and with ears set for the dancefloor on his debut tape for Hollow Eyes. Mirthless acid lines and jarring hats adorn the opening "HNNgod", equipped equally for inducing dark anxiety as it is for physical movement. "Gossamar Cloak" and "Waitress Forever" follow suit, serving up earworm drum programming and subtle dread on the path to full mental release. A title like "Waitress Forever" coupled with the palpable anxiety in Coarses' tracks bring to mind the grim quality of life that surrounds many artists based in the midwest, and the power of electronic music that serves to temporarily break out of these confines. Closing piece "Geocache" serves as a lullaby of sorts, a lament for those weary of attempts to break the cycles they find themselves in, and a shred of light for those peering at the horizon.

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