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nikta-pavor nocturnus cs (hollow eyes)

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nikta: pavor nocturnus

Foreboding, suffocating, ominous - all are apt descriptions of the output of Nikita Revsuk aka NIKTA, a Moscow based soundscape artist whose release fashions it's own methods to pursue ambience and rhythm in the mind. Over the course of it's 30 minute run time, each of the 6 tracks provided here guides the listener deeper into the mental state, no doubt influenced by the sprawling landscapes of Moscow as much as many a night spent home alone peering out through windows. Slow percussion work gives way to soothing yet ominous drones, a handful of the tracks contain a woman's voice emerging to narrate the mood, before being seemingly enveloped by the tracks themselves. Arriving at a sonic home somewhere in between the more experimental output of the Galakthorro label and the softer moments explored by Denmark's Puce Mary. this demo is a promising display of where NIKTA's industrial artistry is soon taking them. A hand outstretched in the darkness.

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