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coco bryce & dj y-faces of bass 01 12 (faces of bass)

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coco bryce & dj y: faces of bass 01

Introducing the 3rd Myor sublabel, Faces Of Bass is all about the 4x4 hardcore styles. Knock Out has a rather rushy feel to it: the combination of high pitched, repetitive key riffs, acid bleeps and layered breakbeats, supported by 4x4 kickdrums and enough low end to rattle your trunk carries the tune deep into heyday UK Rave territory. The Dutchman's gabber roots are slightly more evident on My Bizz, which features a harder, more distorted bassdrum, relentless Juno synth retriggering, rap slapper vocals and ruffneck Amen patterns, making for a hardcore jam that wouldn't have sounded out of place at a 1995 edition of Thunderdome.

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