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complicated universal cum-hello exit harmony lp (questions & answers)

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complicated universal cum: hello exit harmony

Complicated Universal Cum is the solo project of Frederik Valentin. Valentin is already involved in numerous rock constellations around Copenhagen, but none as uncompromising as Complicated Universal Cum. The debut album aptly-named, Cuc was only released in Denmark, but it raised more than a few eyebrows globally with the video to its single "I Can Hardly Wait," topping more than 10,000,000 views. Even at that time, Cuc's signature sound was fuzzed-out psychedelic space rock, combining elements of primitive electro-punk, noise-rock, and punk rock. The album was introduced live with a seven-piece band, including members of Reptile Youth; two drummers and three guitars that also feature on this release. Hello Exit Harmony references late '80s psychedelic rock mixed with an often repetitive, Kraut-influenced rhythm section, alongside a great use of electronic effects. Hello Exit Harmony offers his interpretation of classic indie-rock, influenced by British shoegaze and '90s American noise-rock, mixed with his fondness for the melodic and refrain-oriented rock hit.

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