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corbie-emotion.remxs 12 (nuearth kitchen)

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corbie: emotion.remxs

Not much is known about Lithuania's Corbie besides that he's classically-trained, composes music for children's theater productions, and avoids plug-ins and samples. He solicited Nuearth Kitchen with demos and impressed them enough to merit a 12" single containing two tracks remixed from his unreleased e.motion.s album by two of the world's most slyly subversive house producers: DJ Sprinkles (Terre Thaemlitz) and Juju & Jordash. The original "Arktika" is a fantasia of lush, romantic synth washes and suavely understated beats that could've come off Roxy Music's Avalon. "Sprinkles' Deeperama" reconfigures it into an even more libidinous and elegant tribal-house excursion. Juju & Jordash supersize the beats on "Movement" and then introduce an ominous, tensile bass line and imminent-doom synth atmospheres. The Amsterdam-based duo have ushered Corbie's winsome composition to the dark side, where it breathes with an entirely new vigor.

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