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cristal-homegoing cd (hand-held recordings)

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cristal: homegoing

J. Anthony, G. Darden and R. Donne (Labradford, Spokane, ex-Aix Em Klemm) journey through simmering electronic, wide-screen vistas to seismic, swelling and undulating soundscapes. From the shifting-sand textures of “Yoke” (replete with deeply moving, melancholic cello sifting through the ether) and “Streaming Wisdom,” to the ever-so-slightly somber tones of “Dead Bird,” Homegoing is a wondrously thought-provoking, uplifting aural adventure—a technicolor travelogue of things possibly lost, possibly not. File alongside latter-day Biosphere, Deathprod (especially both Helge Sten and Cristal’s attention to the minutest sonic detail), and the later, electronically based Zoviet France releases. Pour a glass of your finest tipple, sit back and be transported to a very special dimension. Cristal’s Homegoing has it all, and more.

Cristal - Homegoing - Streaming Wisdom (Hand-Held Recordings)

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