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cut hands-black mamba cd (very friendly/susan lawly)

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cut hands: black mamba

Africa's deadliest snake, Black Mamba, will seduce you with beauty and destroy you with venom. 2011's mind-blowing debut Afro Noise I was followed by electrifying sell-out performances all over the world. And now, after many long months of vaudou-fixated claustrophobia, Cut Hands is back to take you on a further hot, ecstatic descent into an aggressive, brooding, and immaculate polyrhythmic abandon. The album includes songs "Nzambi Ia Ngonde" and "El Palo Mayombe," featured in Reincarnated (documentary about Snoop Dogg in Jamaica that recently premiered at the Toronto Film Festival) in addition to "Krokodilo," the heartbreaking main percussion version of the theme for the documentary Siberia: Krokodil Tears. Witness the spread of the dream.

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