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cv313-altering illusions 1/3 2cd (echospace)

Price: $23.99


cv313: altering illusions 1/3

Echospace return to their "Altering Illusions" project and deliver a massive double CD edition released in three separate issues, part 1 closely focused on the work of cv313. Expect sub-harmonic deep space exploration in some seriously out-there electronic quadrants, some of the deepest techno reductions ever captured to tape. A sprawling nebula of etheric sounds made by the illusive cv313 project, exploring re-mastered versions of their most celebrated classics ("Dimensional," "Sailing Stars," "Seconds to Forever," "Beyond the Clouds") to exclusive new, unreleased material. Over two discs, you'll be treated to over 2.5 hours of purified groove reductions made on vintage analog equipment, teasing out the infidelities of archaic equipment which render the sound at its most diffuse and opiated. Lush listening from the magical cv313 project, one of Detroit's finest.

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