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dammerattacke-tausend seen lp (cien fuegos)

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dammerattacke: tausend seen

A psycho-motorik fit of epilepsy is probably the best synonym for "Dämmerattacke!," but this Austrian new wave band were not only set on attacking your bodily movements, they were also set on attacking your ears. Tausend Seen was originally released in a very small quantity in 1982, and is now -- after 30 years -- available again in a remastered edition. Punk rock is skillfully combined with new wave, and this album has the disturbing yet catching feeling of Joy Division's Closer and it is still an amazing, stand-alone piece of music. Walter Leinweber's melancholic voice adds the perfect portion "anti-pop" to the mix. It all adds up to an extraordinary recording of Austrian underground music history, which has long been out-of-print and very sought-after in the international new/cold wave scene. The record was produced by Konrad Becker and remastered in 2012 by Amann Studios. Members include: Erich Allinger (keys); Michael Andersch (vocals); Thomas Guth (bass); Franz Heuschneider (bass, guitar); Walter Leinweber (guitar, vocals); Wolfgang Leinweber (drums).

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