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daniel bachman-jesus i'm a sinner cd (tompkins square)

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daniel bachman: jesus i'm a sinner

Jesus I'm a Sinner is the fourth LP by Daniel Bachman. The album was recorded in Rappahannock County Virginia at Forrest Marquisee's studio inside his father's woodshop in May of 2013 after spending just around eight months on the road. The first song 'Sarah Anne' is a song for one of his best friends and sister Sarah Anne Bachman, and is also his first full song for the lap guitar. 'Honeysuckle Reel' is a springtime tune. For that first day when the heat and humidity sets in and the smell of the honeysuckle bloom creeps in your open windows driving. 'Happy One Step' is a guitar/fiddle duet with Sally Morgan of the Black Twig Pickers/The Freight Hoppers. It is a Cajun tune by Dennis McGee. 'Jesus I'm a Sinner' is for cutting loose. 'Variation on Goose Chase' is a version of Virgil Anderson's 'Goose Chase.' Although he attempted to adapt this song to the guitar, playing it on the banjo was the only way to keep the feel of the original version. 'Under the Shade of the Trees' has the undertone and drone of the 17 year cicada hatch that hit Virginia summer of 2013. The title is taken from Stonewall Jackson's last words on his deathbed: 'Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.' 'Chattanooga' is played by Sally Anne Morgan (fiddle) and Charlie Devine (banjo). This version was taken from Blaine Smith. 'Blenheim' is the name of the Latané family's property in Westmorland Co. Virginia. It's a song for good food, drinks and solid company nestled on the banks of the Potomac River. 'Leaving Istanbul (4 AM)' is a frustration song and the feeling of being very tired thousands and thousands of miles away from home.

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