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deadbeat - kübler-ross soliloquies 2lp (blkrtz)

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deadbeat: kübler-ross soliloquies

Over the past 24 years, Scott Monteith's Deadbeat project has spanned a dizzying array of musical references and genres, exploring everything from left-field reggae to downbeat experiments, purifying drone excursions and ambient noise, extranational percussion workouts, and hypnotic techno and house. On his first solo album in five years, Monteith offers up what is perhaps the most powerful, tightly dance floor focused album of his storied carrier, and a soul cleansing, poignant sound track to the fears and hardships of a world gone mad, entitled Kübler-Ross Soliloquies. The Kübler-Ross model describes the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. A soliloquy is defined as an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud alone by oneself or regardless of any hearers. Over the album's eight tracks, Monteith explores each of these stages with a clear-eyed focus and confidence that are a testament to his dual role as a kind, smiling musical selector and monkish technological nerd ball of the highest order.

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