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diatric puds & the blobettes-weird watusi 7 beniffer editions)

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diatric puds & the blobettes: weird watusi

Edition of 50. Second Edition of a musique concrete meets monster rock 7" from 2010..... "Diatric Puds is a Californian brain trust spearheaded by Count Loachfillet... With his gaggle of undead musical minions he retools the sternness of electronic music in his own cemetery sensibility, allowing it to cross-breed and co-mingle with a playful haunted house sound effects vibe no doubt reminiscent of the cherished halloweens of your youth. This dish of haunted chop suey features the rutting of some decapitated cat manning a cauldron of devoured souls with fingernail xylophones, a witch with a speech impediment, every album thought to contain subliminal messages played backwards all at once and the sodden graveyard memories of a mangled airplane casualty who died in vain.

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