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dimitris kamarotos-electromagnetic landscapes (unreleased recordings 1983-2016) lp (intersonik recordings)

Price: $19.99


dimitris kamarotos: electromagnetic landscapes (unreleased recordings 1983-2016)

Intersonik Recordings presents a limited edition of 180gr vinyl records of previously unreleased material composed by Dimitris Kamarotos, titled “Εlectromagnetic Landscapes”, and ranging from Εlectro-Acoustic to Avant Garde and Ambient. This collection was created as a result of detailed research through Dimitris’s previously unreleased material, which included his private collection of analog reel-to-reel tapes, Hard discs and 48K digital memory devices! “Εlectromagnetic Landscapes” is available in Gatefold form, including unique photography and accompanied writings by the composer himself.

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