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dominik eulberg-spulsaum 12 (traum)

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dominik eulberg: spulsaum

After eight months of playing numerous DJ gigs, setting up his studio, and plenty of bird-watching, Dominik Eulberg delivers joyous, heartwarming, and life-affirming electronic music. Eulberg has been described as a "sound sculptor" by De:Bug magazine, and as a madman by himself; he spends months turning his tracks upside-down and adding details. What sounds easygoing and light is the result of endless studio sessions. This EP's title, Spülsaum, can be translated as "drift line." The title refers to Eulberg's work as a park ranger, directing daily guided tours along drift lines in Wangerooge (Nationalparkhaus Rosenhaus, Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer).

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