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dungeon acid-carnal knowledge 12 (huhta home studio)

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dungeon acid: carnal knowledge

Stockholm's Dungeon Acid returns with one of the strangest, nastiest acid records to date. "Carnal Knowledge" is caveman techno, one chord hammered with hypnotic precision, a two-note acid line adding an air of polyrhythmic mystery. The heavily processed sounds of copulation comprise the bulk of the atmosphere, the whole thing feeling like an alien, updated version of Lil' Louis's immortal "French Kiss". The Instrumental version is a slightly swingin' variation on the same theme. Dungeon Acid principal Jean-Louis Huhta is known for editing the sweetest parts from his hardware enduro-jams. The "Bonus Beats" title for B2 is a bit of a misnomer; in fact, these are the sounds of mutant, futuristic lovemaking in all their glory, perfect for sexing up otherwise sterile dance music.

carnal knowledge:


bonus beats:

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