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dungeon acid-move 12 (fit sound)

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dungeon acid: move

Expansive new material from Swedish polymath Jean-Louis Huhta, who has channeled decades of work with groups such as the Skull Defekts, Lucky People Center and even Anti-Cimex into the Dungeon Acid project. Rather than setting the controls to bludgeon, JL reveals a dynamic nuance on this three-tracker. Move, its purpose self-evident, begins with swinging african guitar, hand drums and an organ solo before acid and modular textures seep in. Duped is similarly elusive - on the surface, the track consists of a bobbing acid line and muffled vocal sample, but a closer listen reveals suitcase synth textures coloring the track’s murky corners. Duped ends with Huhta’s synth buildings panning from side to side, a psychedelic touch for headphones or sound system. Astro is noiser and more cosmic, but maintains the introspective bent. Move, out on Detroit’s FIT Sound, is tough and functional dance music. The acid form is stretched to contain a wealth of influence, both musical and personal.

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