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dusty kid-the arsonist 12 (isolade)

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dusty kid: the arsonist

Dusty Kid follows his 2013 album III  with an homage to his native land, Sardinia, touching upon an issue that haunts the island every summer: arson. "The Arsonist Part 2" delves into '90s trance, reminiscent of rave parties and the legendary Jam & Spoon. The pathos peaks with "Doa," an emotional, melancholic track drenched in spaghetti western magic, honoring Dusty Kid's idol, Ennio Morricone. The balearic notes of "Serpentara" recall the likes of "Sueño Latino," 1988's summer of love, and Ibiza, when ravers needed a break from hysteric acid house in favor of softer and dreamier sounds.

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