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dvs1-fabric 96 cd (fabric)

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dvs1: fabric 96

DVS1 provides the 96th installment of the world's leading house and techno mix series from London's renowned Fabric nightclub. Zak Khutoresky's career includes opening a nightclub in his hometown of Minneapolis, building and maintaining a custom "wall of sound" system and releasing on Ben Klock's Klockworks and Derrick May's Transmat imprints. Brandishing the animated persona he is known for in the booth, DVS1 intuitively layers, blends, and chops his way through 29 tracks over 80 minutes, drawing on the tangible properties of massive sound systems to convey his expansive vision. Motifs are weaved together with a playful flair, reflecting an artist who not only welcomes his impulses, but possesses the technical skill to convey them. This continuous DJ mix features mostly unreleased material. It was produced in one take on three decks. Zak runs and contributes to his own prolific imprints HUSH and Mistress. He is partnering on a soon-to-be-launched spatial sound project and venue in Berlin. Features: Unknown Artist, Gabriella Vergilov, Kirill Mamin, Border One, DOUBT, DJ Surgeles, Mike Storm, Sirko Müller, Steffi, Psyk, Neel, Planetary Assault Systems, Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills, Maan, Steve Bicknell, Dustin Zahn, Mike Gervais, Adriana Lopez, Truncate, ROD, Kirill Mamin, Mark Broom, Henning Baer, Lando, Strain, d-56m , and Anthony Rother. Packaged in bespoke slipcase containing die-embossed tin.

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