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effective weapons-machine gun ep (effective weapons)

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effective weapons: machine gun

Mysterious Brooklyn label and production crew getting in the game with some techno and EBM bangers. All are re-workings of recognizable or obscure classics. “Looping Blood” the clubbiest of the EP builds around a Controlled Bleeding loop and blossoms into a spiraling unstoppable groove accented by crashing reverbs and jackin drums. “Alaaarmed” is a pounding re-edit of Tommi Stumpff, early german minimal punk not unlike Nitzer Ebb. “Take Two” is a great remix of Front 242’s epic industrial classic “Take One” dubbing out the lyrics for an instrumental approach. “Open Bar” puts the scissors to Skinny Puppy’s early 80s classic “Last Call”

side a1:

side b1:

side b2:

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