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shifted-six steps to resurgence ep (avian)

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shifted: six steps to resurgence

Six Steps To Resurgence marks Guy Brewer’s first outing on the imprint since 2014’s Arrangements In Monochrome series. The two EP’s saw the Avian label head make his definitive statement on the label aesthetic, pairing Industrial & Noise influences with more streamlined nods to contemporary dance floor Techno. AVN025 draws from the same palette of acerbic, greyscale synthesis - which has since become a hallmark of the artist’s output, working to bind structurally disparate productions by thematic concern. The resulting recordings, whilst drawing on elements on Drone, Noise & Power Electronics – all share a mutual sense of catharsis; a shedding of the self via intensity of repetition or pure, molten sonics. Razor sharp leads pitch & bend as furtive white noise rhythms duck in and amongst driven, rolling percussion – all buoyed by cavernous low end. Eschewing crass lead hooks in favour of a more subtle approach, Brewer draws the focal point of his music away from any fixed point, and careful, sporadic modulation of just a handful of elements invites a powerful, hypnotic energy across the full course of the work.

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