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ekman-reform ep (berceuse heroique)

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ekman: reform

Berceuse Heroique is the affiliate black label from the minds behind KEMAΛ. The project's logic is simple but effective -- 180 gram vinyl black wax, black bag, sheet-insert art only, two sides, two dance floor-minded electronic transmissions from a carefully selected pool of artists. There are no musical limitations, the series will feature a wide range of sounds across the electronic spectrum. A. Bunker/Panzerkreuz associate, Ekman, comes through with a rough electro hybrid for the first Berceuse Heroique broadcast. 'Reform' is certainly not one for the faint-hearted and it pushes the limits of the Detroit/Hague connection to the limit. The track has mounds of energy right from the start, where that menacing, distorted bass line tears through the track with almighty fury. But to me, the best thing about it is that Ekman manages to retain some mystique to the whole affair, thanks to the more dreary-eyed pad which crawls its way up from the depths of the beat. Another thing is that the track sounds pretty modern to me and instead simply imitating the whole Bunker sound, it manages to say something fresh by blending subtle, percolated swarms of percussion with a noisy, grey-scaled edge to the harmonics. Serious warehouse, dark room, lights out stuff from Ekman - floor power

Ekman - Reform. (BH 001)

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