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elias mazian-future times 12 (voyage direct)

Price: $13.99


elias mazian: future times

Voyage Direct presents the debut 12" from fast-rising, Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Elias Mazian. "Future Times" pits attractive, far-sighted synthesizer melodies and spacey chords against cut-up hip-­hop vocal samples and a righteous, snare-heavy groove. Like Mazian's DJ sets, it draws on a myriad of influences, from beatbox electro and Kraftwerk, to 21st-century European deep house and Detroit techno. "They Don't Know" features heavy machine drum rhythms inspired by Mazian's love for old Dance Mania releases. Peppered with classic hip-house breaks, it sounds like a delicious fusion of B-more, DJ Rush and early British "intelligent techno."

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