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erika-hexagon cloud 2lp (interdimensional transmissions)

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erika: hexagon cloud

While "Hexagon Cloud" may be Erika's debut solo release, this is by no means her introduction to the scene. For years Erika has been a member of Ectomorph and co-conspirator of Interdimensional Transmissions. Composing without the aid of a computer, Erika's system is centered around a rare highly flexible hardware sequencer. The ideas flowed quickly, and blossomed into a double album. Science and music, dreams of space and microscopic organisms, mutation of plant life and the birth of stars, all come together effortlessly in her work to sound like post acid techno subterranean spelunking in a quest to return to the stars. Or at least to the northern "Hexagon Cloud" of Saturn.

early warning starfield:

no. 3:

north hex:

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