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forest management-rotating angle cs (unifactor)

Price: $6.99


forest management: rotating angle

Pastoral and clean are two massive features of pre-20th century music. The music of centuries past is pastoral in that it gives a sense of place and setting, a tacit ambience present in the counterpoint or individual chords. The music is clean in that dissonance is employed to be juxtaposed with consonant sounds, but usually not at all. The pastoral and clean elements on Forest Management’s Rotating Angle are massive, leading to spacious ambience — like a tracking shot of a car pulling up to The Grand Canyon. Rotating Angle has a fastidiousness to it; extremely simple melodies and sounds — robust as they are — crawl through the individual compositions. However, the modality that has driven so much European art music of the previous centuries, cast against cultural knowledge of movie soundtracks, countless drone records, and amusement park waiting line experiences, adds the pastoral and the clean together, realizing a form of sterility and tension, which is pushed to the listener through the beauty and evolution of the tracks.

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