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dominic coppola-honeymoon phase cs (unifactor)

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dominic coppola: honeymoon phase

Observing modal melodies unfurling against languid and pristine drones often creates a fjord of believing things about the creator: gentle, fragile, sentimental, fantastical. That fjord becomes difficult not to collapse into. The beauty on Dominic Coppola’s Honeymoon Phase is matched by the fragility; however, extracting anything biographical or confessional is a dead end. The ideas and modes are directed through the relationship of notes that take time to appear and descend into the next. The territory of emotive drone has been trodden and musical expressions often appear more clearly when slowed down, but Honeymoon Phase obfuscates in its cross-track slowness. The connective melodies that change mood throughout the given sides and the enveloping, fjord-tossing-into drones that slowly but powerfully seize tracks resonate in a confusing and exciting manner. The release does not descend to a stop but pumps its brakes toward a stopping point, and questions, “Why is this a place to stop?”

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