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luminous "diamond ben" kudler-thymme jones cs (unifactor)

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luminous "diamond ben" kudler: thymme jones

Purely synthetic sprees juxtaposed against stark and melodically considerate lines, oscillating aggressively and quickly between poles, Luminous “Diamond Ben” Kudler’s Thymme Jones is a slapdash ballad for the scroll era. The A-side works as a moment by moment tour of flappy bass patterns, physiological experiments, deep drones, and just plain blasts of digital mess. The B-side refreshes the palette by presenting an evolving note-based composition. The notes are, however, presented through deep digital generated sounds that are easily identified as such. The starkness of the B-side is matched by the space between blasts and patterns on the A-side, presenting a possible portrait of space and compositional evolution on both a micro and macro scale simultaneously — all through the lens of goofy, obvious, and sometimes stupid layered computer sounds.

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